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Preparing Your Application

Applications for the 2024 CSL Centenary Fellowships have closed.
Thank you for your interest in the CSL Centenary Fellowships!

Applicants should prepare their application including the supporting documents as per the content and formatting advice included below.

Formatting & Saving Documents

Where possible, documents should be formatted using;

  • Arial font
  • Font size 11
  • Single line spacing
  • Page margins 2.54 cm each side
  • Header to include name of document: CSL Centenary 2024_Applicant Name_Name of Institution_Document Name.pdf
  • Footer to include page numbering: Page x of y
  • Portrait layout

Please name separate files using the following format:

CSL Centenary 2024_Applicant Name_Name of Institution_Document Name.pdf
(example: CSL Centenary 2024_JohnSmith_QIMR_Budget.pdf)

Once compiled, all documents should be saved into a single .zip file named:

CSL Centenary 2024_Applicant Name_Name of

Details of Proposed Research Project

Please limit this to six pages (excluding references) and incorporate the following headings:

  • Aims of the Project
    Describe the specific objectives and potential significance of the proposed research. Hypotheses to be tested should be clearly stated.
  • Background
    Describe the research/discovery/personal professional background which has contributed to the proposed research project.
  • Research Plan
    The CSL Centenary Fellowships are relatively long-term, five year fellowships. Please describe your research plan attempting to articulate a research pathway for the near-term (1 year) and longer term (five years).
  • Expected Outcomes and Significance
    Please explain the expected outcome and significance of your research project at the conclusion of the 5 year fellowship. Discussion which includes the likely personal/professional impact as well as the impact of the fellowship/research at your chosen research institute would be well-regarded.
  • Ethics Approval
    In line with standard protocol at your chosen medical research institute, prior to commencing any work involving human or animal experimentation, relevant ethics approval must be granted by the Institutional Ethics Committee. Given the variation in research stages, ethics approval is not required prior to submitting this application but if it has already been granted please provide details. A letter of approval from the issuing Ethics Committee will suffice.

Project Budget

Please provide details of the proposed budget for your research project detailing how you envisage the $AUD1.25 million fellowship being expended across the five years of annual $AUD250,000 allocations. This may be submitted in excel format and should include:

  • Salaries
    Provide details of the salary allocations (the fellowship is intended to include at least a fulltime salary for the primary fellow and potentially a research assistant). Please include superannuation allowance etc.
  • Consumables & Equipment
    It is expected that a portion of the fellowships monies will be expended on laboratory consumables and equipment to support the nominated research project.
  • Justification of Budget
    Provide a high-level justification for the proposed resource allocation.

Professional & Academic Background

Please provide your full curriculum vitae including specific details as listed below. If not already covered by the categories listed please feel free to include details of any other relevant information which would support your application.

Note that several categories ask for an indication of your existing and anticipated time commitments. This is because CSL is keen to understand what percentage of your working week would be spent on research activities related to the fellowship if your application is successful.

  • Academic Background
    Please provide details of your academic background including degrees, prizes, distinctions and/or other special qualifications awarded and where and when they were awarded. If you are shortlisted for a fellowship we will require certified academic transcripts.
  • Current Employment
    Provide details of your current professional appointment/s, indicating the size of your research group, availability of research infrastructure and any future changes to the situation that may impact your application for this Fellowship.
  • Current and Recent Research Funding
    List any grants held over the last 4 years, stating the name of the awarding body, name(s) of the grant holder(s), title of the project, amounts awarded, your role in the project, start and end dates of support. For all active grants, indicate the number of hours per week spent on each project and how the currently active grants would relate to this application.
  • Current Professional Appointments
    In addition to your primary position please list all other professional academic responsibilities, indicating the number of hours per week spent undertaking these.
  • Previous Appointments
    Please list details of your previous appointments in chronological order. Absences from fulltime academic research (e.g. involvement with industry, parental leave, academic teaching appointments, clinical appointments) should also be detailed.
  • Current and Previous Research Collaborations
    Please detail your past and current research collaborations indicating the type of involvement and highlighting any publications resulting from the collaborations.
  • Peer Review Involvement
    Please provide details of your involvement with peer review, including grant application review for funding bodies, manuscripts, editorial board responsibilities and similar.
  • Most Significant Research Contribution
    Indicate your most significant research contribution to your field and how it has influenced the field.
  • References/Publications
    Please provide a list of your publications and references numbered in chronological progression and sorted into research publication subcategories.
    • Journal article*
    • Review*
    • Book / Chapter
    • Conference papers or abstracts
    • Any other publication
    • Patents (include status and country)
    *Impact factor for each journal article or review must be included

Please nominate up to 4 of the most significant papers you have published. The reason for including these should be outlined. You are not required to submit these with your application but they should be available on request

  • Disclosure of matters involving candidate that could bring CSL into disrepute
    A statement, in no more than 500 words, of known previous or current allegations, investigations or other relevant matters (personal or professional) that may bring CSL into disrepute.
  • Career disruptions - optional
    If your career has been interrupted, delayed or constrained by reasons including, but not limited to, parental leave, carers leave or chronic illness, please summarise the nature of the interruption, when and how long it occurred. See FAQs, item 14, for how to capture this information.