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Institutional Sponsor

The CSL Centenary Fellowships are awarded to Australian early to mid-career researchers looking to pursue research opportunities at an Australian not for profit medical research institute (MRI) or university.

It is a requirement that all applicants have an agreement with an Australian MRI/University where, should they be awarded a fellowship, the institute would be prepared to employ the applicant and appropriately support them to undertake their nominated research project.

Note that the fellowships monies are paid to the employing institute.

Applicants should invite their chosen institutional sponsor to provide them with a Letter of Intent (maximum of two pages), on the institutions letterhead, including:

  • Description of department/institution in which the fellow will work (if successful)

  • A formal recommendation for the candidate as an applicant for the CSL Centenary Fellowship. This recommendation must conclude the following signed and dated attestation:

    I confirm that, should [Applicant Name] be awarded a CSL Centenary Fellowship, [Institution Name] would be prepared to offer him/her the position of [Position Title] and appropriately support him/her to carry out the research project as detailed in the attached application.

During the fellowship selection process, sponsors may be contacted by members of the Fellowships Selection Committee should further information be required.

Sponsor's reports are treated as strictly confidential and will be available only to members of the Fellowships Selection Committee and the secretariat.

The sponsor's report must be saved as PDF format and provided as part of the candidate's application documentation.